Sarban Company

Sarban Company, was established in the year 2003, he started working in the field of contracting and has succeeded in working in this field, and the company has other projects such as (Khul) which is considered one of the most successful companies to produce marble with very high specifications and competitive prices, and also work in the field of oil. And gas and also worked in the field of real estate and so far is working in the development and expansion of the company's fields.

The company works in the trade of foodstuffs such as (Qiwan rice, Qiwan foodstuffs, and canned goods)

Sarban Rice & Oil , and other foodstuffs for the company

Also, Buffy and Evar cleansers, which are among the most popular products in the market, and are among the company's products

The company has the best and finest types of flour (Jam Doy) with high quality and at a very reasonable price.

We work to provide the needs of citizens with the best types of products at very competitive prices.


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