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Salaei Group was established in 1950 first as a leading local firm in the field of supplying construction materials such as natural gravel & sand, then expanded & completed to a leading firm in road contracting, and supplying construction machineries and equipments & construction materials..…

Our pride is based on a highly technical staff, solid financial standing, and above all, a team spirit that allows all to aspire for the same goals and dreams…

Inspite of the long journey, we believe that we have successfully reached a stage of self-assurance and professionalism…..

Our mission is to provide Quality Construction Contracting projects while maintaining high standards of Quality, Safety, Environment and Value Engineering for the benefit of our customers, nation and society through professionalism, ethics, quality and customer service....

Salaei Group is committed to quality and completion of the works in time and continually strives for excellence in the ever increasing challenges of the construction industry….

By bringing into full play its personnel, management experience, and financial capability, Salaei Group will continue to expand its business operation and shall continue to co-operate and join hands with all, both, at home and abroad for a more prosperous future…..


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