Majidi Mall Sulaimani

Majidi Mall Shopping and Entertaining Centre, one of the largest shopping and entertainment Centre’s in Iraq. Opened doors to visitors on 23 November 2009.

Visitors have the opportunity to shop in ana acclimatized, hygienic and safe environment combining daylight and the spaciousness of outside streets thanks to its architectural design, which pushes new boundaries in the understanding of the Shopping Centre.

Majidi Mall, as Iraq’s most entertaining shopping Centre of Iraq,Offer its visitors an optimal shopping experience with 67 shops over 3 floors with car parking for 2000 cars.””The center is home to 6D Cinema, delicious food and limitless entertainment in Game Land,all in one place under the roof of the Majidi Mall shopping center,which presents a new way of living.

Majidi Mall Shopping Centre has attained an indispensable part of social life through lightened shopping understanding thanks to playing host to the loading trademarks in the world as well as activities you will not see anywhere else.

Majidi Mall Shopping Centre is strategically located in Erbil, Iraq’s main metropolitan area. Apart from the varied mix of trademarks shops including Vakko, Sarar, City Centre, United Colors of Benetton, Etc… With the most important national and international trademarks in the organized retail business, the center serves its local or foreign customers 365 days a year.

Majidi Mall Shopping Centre serves Erbil’s residents as an important center of amusement, fashion, and various food delights, as well as shopping. It is a modern institution existing harmony with the society, respecting the traditions in which daily trends and the future are shaped.”



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